Who’s behind the access request?

  Today is the day – the infamous 25th of May 2018. When we woke up this morning GDPR was finally in effect… I was expecting this morning to be something really extra. I was expecting something like that the sky would be green and the sun would have been blue. But it turned out… Continue Reading

Word of the day: Panic!

Tomorrow is the 25th of Maj 2018 Ever heard of this new law – GDPR? If you haven’t, well – good for you then. That means that you’re not in any way involved in processing personal data. Not in your line of work, or in sports clubs or so. It would also mean that you’re… Continue Reading

GDPR Prepareness + Phishing = True


Lots and lots of organizations are preparing themselves in order to be GDPR compliant. In the eleventh hour in some cases since GDPR will go into effect on the 25’th later this month. Three weeks. 21 days. What many of them have to do is to get your consent in order to keep process your… Continue Reading