GDPR Prepareness + Phishing = True


Lots and lots of organizations are preparing themselves in order to be GDPR compliant. In the eleventh hour in some cases since GDPR will go into effect on the 25’th later this month. Three weeks. 21 days.

What many of them have to do is to get your consent in order to keep process your personal information. A very popular method is to send out e-mails to us who are on record asking us to klick on a link, and from there read more and then give (or not) your consent. I have received quite a lot of them myself recently, and personally I see the opportunity to get rid of some of these advertising e-mails further on by not giving my consent when asked for it…

What also tends to happen when there’s a popular method for handling these kinds of questions is that the cyber criminals want their piece of it. In this case, obviously there’s a great opportunity to send out phishing e-mails aiming to have you clicking a link getting you to a malicious website.

What to do? well, it’s more or less as always:

  1. Never open up an e-mail coming from a sender you don’t recognize or looks suspicious. Delete it instead.
  2. Never click on a link in an e-mail if you don’t trust the sender and can verify the link as being safe.
  3. See this as an opportunity to get rid of some unwanted advertising e-mails by simply not give your consent…

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